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FREE Introduction to Zouk

 This free introduction to the Latin dance Zouk is to offer you an experience of this unique dance. If you enjoy this class, return the following week to start an 8-week Beginner block course that will help you learn more skills and increase your confidence to dance anywhere, anytime.

Zouk is a fun, modern dance suitable for all ages. For many in the younger dance crowd, Zouk has rekindled an interest in partner dancing. For those who have experience dancing other dance styles, many of the moves, techniques or concepts from those dances can be imported to Zouk, making it relatively easy to adapt to this dance. In addition, Zouk can be danced to a variety of music and a variety of moods, making it a versatile dance to know.

Zouk is danced to a 'slow-quick-quick' tempo.

Date: Thursday 30 May 2019
Time: 8.00pm - 8.50pm
Venue:  Arataki Community Centre
Zambuck Way Arataki, (map)
Mount Maunganui   

Sunday Social dancing for all dance styles held every third SundaySunday Social dancing for all dance styles held every third Sunday